Business Formation

Starting your own business is an exciting venture. However, there is the potential for problems down the road if the legal aspects of a business formation are not handled correctly. Choosing how to structure your new business will have ramifications that touch on many different areas, including taxation, liability, management and control, transfer of ownership, business succession, dissolution and more.

At Cook & Tolley, LLP, we assist clients with all their business law needs from start to finish, including forming the business entity such as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, both profit and nonprofit. The choice of business entity can be an exceedingly important one at the commencement of a business venture, and our attorneys will advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of business entities to help you make the right decision to achieve your goals. Once you have chosen a business entity, our attorneys will handle the formation of your business by filing the necessary legal paperwork with the proper government organizations and by preparing documents such as bylaws or operating agreements that set forth the rights and responsibilities of the various business owners.

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