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Helping You After A Misdiagnosis

Receiving a medical diagnosis for a serious medical condition, illness or injury can be life-changing. You will experience a range of emotions as you make plans for treatment. You put your trust in your doctor and count on them to help you get better.

A misdiagnosis by your doctor can be especially devastating. This can impact how you are treated and when you are treated and lead to the wrong course of action. The attorneys at Cook & Tolley, LLP use their decades of experience to help victims of misdiagnosis take action.

Types Of Misdiagnosis

A wrong diagnosis can lead to serious disability or even death. There are several types of diagnostic errors that stem from a variety of problems.

Types of misdiagnosis include:

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Missed diagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis

This can be the diagnosis of a primary or secondary medical condition.

Who Is At Fault?

A misdiagnosis can happen due to a variety of issues. Lack of knowledge, poor technique, test result mix-ups and other errors are all common factors. Fault can be placed on the doctor who diagnosed you, the caretaker responsible for your care, a lab technician or even an x-ray specialist, depending on your unique circumstances. In order to prove medical malpractice occurred, our lawyers must prove fault and negligence.

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