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Should I write my own will?

If you’re currently estate planning in Georgia, you might be thinking about writing your own will. While this option is attractive for the cost-savings it’s associated with, it could also cause serious legal issues if mistakes are made. In this case, consider the following reasons why you might want to think twice before writing your own will.

All estates are different

Even if you have a relatively simple estate, your needs may not be met by a boilerplate will, and that is exactly what you’ll get if you use an online form or will-creation software. This option could leave your family at odds after you’re gone and may also land your estate in probate. This is the process of proving a will’s validity, and in most cases, it’s extremely expensive and drawn-out.

Laws vary from state to state

One major reason why a will can’t be one-size-fits-all is state laws. These laws vary quite a bit, which means what works for wills in Georgia might not work in another. Also, consider what would happen if you own property in another state and want to include it in your estate plan. In this case, you’ll need an attorney’s assistance to ensure your plan is in full compliance of all relevant laws and regulations.

There’s no substitute for a good lawyer

While it will cost a bit more, having an attorney’s help in creating your estate plan offers peace of mind. You want your family to experience a smooth process when it comes to administering your will, and with a lawyer’s help, this becomes far more likely. An attorney can also help you address estate taxes and ensure your heirs receive the proceeds they’re allotted.

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