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Refusing a breathalyzer can be a bad decision


In Georgia, a driver with a breath-alcohol concentration of 0.08% is presumed impaired, but the driver can still be arrested for DUI “less safe” with a […]

Don’t let an illegal search and seizure lead to your conviction


A drug crime conviction can threaten to derail your life as you know it. It has the potential to hit you with jail or prison […]

What you need to know about the latest Supreme Court DUI ruling


It can put you on edge if a law enforcement officer pulls you over for a suspected DUI. You may be unclear what your rights […]

What the Georgia Code says about theft


When children are young, they generally learn that stealing is taking something that does not belong to them. The laws are not as straightforward, though, […]

The dilemma of defendants taking the stand


In preparation for your criminal trial in Georgia, you will have to consider whether it is a smart idea to take the stand. The U.S […]

What should I know about Georgia gun laws?


As a gun owner in Georgia, it’s crucial to remain fully compliant with all pertinent laws. Not only will this ensure you’re safe, it will […]

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