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Receiving damages for pain and suffering after an accident


There are many things that people in Georgia can control and the choices that they make. People have to live with the consequences of those […]

Car accidents are the top cause of femur fractures in the U.S.


When motorcyclists or pedestrians in Georgia are struck by an automobile, they are vulnerable to a number of different lower body injuries. Of these types […]

How can I keep my teen safe behind the wheel in summer?


The summer is the deadliest time on the roads for teens in Georgia. It is related to the fact that they are not in school […]

Remove distractions behind the wheel


When Georgia drivers get a text message, they may think it is okay for them to check their cellphone. However, distracted driving can be dangerous, […]

Recognizing the signs of whiplash after a car crash


After a Georgia car accident, crash victims should receive medical attention immediately. This way, if the victim does choose to sue for compensation, he or […]

7 Steps To Take To Protect Your Car Accident Claim


You make it a point to follow traffic laws and drive cautiously. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent others from making poor choices that lead to a […]

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