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Filing a medical malpractice claim in Georgia


Some patients suffering with an injury or illness seek the help of medical professionals, only to find themselves in worse shape after treatment than they […]

Diagnostic error tied to many retinal detachments


A retinal detachment can cause permanent blindness in one eye and lead to a loss of work opportunities as well as a reduction in quality […]

Types of “never events” that occur in hospitals and clinics


Throughout life people in Georgia will get sick and injured. Sometimes the illnesses or injuries are minor and can be remedied at home or just […]

Common medical errors made in a hospital setting


Whether we are entering the hospital for a planned procedure or whether we are receiving emergency care, we expect the physicians and other medical professionals […]

Negligence during the diagnostic process can harm patients


When an Athens resident goes to the doctor with a medical concern, they may expect their medical practitioner to evaluate them thoroughly and send them […]

Misdiagnosis frequent with serious conditions


Accurate diagnosis is vital for treating disease. But one in 10 people with dangerous symptoms from cancers, infections or major vascular events, are misdiagnosed or […]

How to recover damages for medical malpractice in Georgia


Virtually every adult in the state of Georgia has a rudimentary understanding of the term “medical malpractice.” For most people, the term refers to a […]

Foreign objects in your body could cause health issues


When done properly, a surgical procedure can help to fix broken bones, remove a tumor or otherwise help you overcome a medical problem. However, if […]

Holding healthcare professionals accountable for mistakes


We at Cook & Tolley, LLP, value very much the healthcare professionals in Georgia. When good care is given, it is a wonderful thing. However, […]

Tragedy at local Nursing Home


We at Cook & Tolley, LLP, are saddened to learn that 10 residents at PruittHealth – Grandview in Athens, Georgia, died in recent weeks, apparently […]

Surgery is the second highest cause of malpractice suits


Surgical procedures are intended to cure but may come with risks. Surgery, in fact, was cited as the second highest cause for medical malpractice legal claims according […]

How common is a medical misdiagnosis?


When you seek medical care because you know something is wrong with your health, you may worry about if your doctor will get your diagnosis […]

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