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Who decides how kids will be schooled in the fall?


Parenting decisions regarding academic matters are complicated enough for divorced couples in Georgia, but this year there is an added issue; what will schooling like […]

Important Information About Child Support in Georgia


Parents are expected to provide for their children’s needs regardless of whether they continue their relationships with their co-parents. After a break-up or divorce two […]

How may I get visitation rights to my grandchildren?


Georgia has become an increasingly difficult State for grandparent visitation rights. Just as recently as June of 2018, the Georgia Supreme Court has found portions […]

Do you know how to reduce the cost of your divorce?


Divorce may be one of the hardest decisions you have to make in your life here in Georgia, but it does not necessarily have to […]

What should I know prior to my child custody hearing?


One of the most important and delicate aspects of finalizing a divorce is settling child custody. If it is necessary for you to attend a […]

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