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Finding evidence for medical malpractice


If you experienced injury or lost a loved one in the Georgia health care system, you may feel certain the staff or facility is to […]

Georgia premises liability laws and your safety


Every time you leave your own Georgia property, you put your safety in the hands of other people and trust them to care for their […]

Is a public board order a cause for concern?


When choosing a doctor, two of the most important factors are trust and competence. It is important that the doctor is someone you trust. It […]

What are the steps of real estate closing?


Georgia residents like you who are looking into renting residential real estate may have heard of real estate closing. What is it, exactly? Why do […]

Is medical malpractice declining?


When you have to undergo medical care in Georgia, the last thing you ever suspect to happen is for your doctor to make some type […]

What you need to know about the latest Supreme Court DUI ruling


It can put you on edge if a law enforcement officer pulls you over for a suspected DUI. You may be unclear what your rights […]

Would a special needs trust help your child?


If you have a child with special needs, you may want to make sure he or she is provided for after you are gone. However, […]

What the Georgia Code says about theft


When children are young, they generally learn that stealing is taking something that does not belong to them. The laws are not as straightforward, though, […]

What makes a case medical malpractice?


Mistakes happen in every field, and medical professions are no exception. Sometimes, doctors, nurses and diagnostic personnel get it wrong. Some medical mistakes are more […]

Do you know how to reduce the cost of your divorce?


Divorce may be one of the hardest decisions you have to make in your life here in Georgia, but it does not necessarily have to […]

Are there special requirements for malpractice expert testimony?


If a Georgia doctor, physician or health care provider caused you harm either through action or inaction, you may wish to file a medical malpractice […]

Signs that you should not be discharged from a hospital


If you are injured in a car wreck or are afflicted with a disease that requires a hospital stay in Georgia, you should feel confident […]

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