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7 Car Accident Claim Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

car accident claim mistakes

A recent report showed that 3 million car accidents occur within the U.S. each year. Therefore, it’s important to seek legal advice if you happen to be on the receiving end of a collision that’s not your fault.

However, many fall when it comes to collecting the right documentation, keeping records of the accident, and not claiming quickly after. We’re here to help you avoid making these common car accident claim mistakes, amongst others, so that you can be on your way to obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Read on to find out more about you can avoid seven claim mistakes and why it’s important to seek the help of a reputable car accident lawyer.

1. Failing to Gather Evidence

Collecting evidence is a crucial part of the car accident claim process. If it’s not collected, or even if you record some of the details of the incident, it could negatively impact the success of your claim. Plus, it can also make it harder to prove that you weren’t the one at fault.

To give yourself the best chance of receiving the right compensation that you’re due, all information must be gathered from the scene. A weak claim can result from incomplete information which can even affect your chance of winning the case.

2. Not Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

The best course of action in the case of a road collision where you’ve been hurt is to contact a trusted car accident attorney. Insurance claims can be a lengthy and daunting process and one that’s not always easy to complete yourself.

The main issue is that insurance providers can often be crafty, leaving you with a lot less compensation than you could otherwise receive. But that’s where we come in. At Cook and Tolley, we’re here to put you on the right track, liaising with the insurance company, and ensuring you get a fair payment in return.

3. Not Pursuing Medical Assistance

While you may not experience injuries until weeks after. However, those that are more severe can develop immediately or within the first few days following the collision.

If you’re harmed at any stage, then it’s best to get in touch with your doctor right away, as soon as the injury develops. If you wait longer, the injury could worsen and compromise your health, even long-term.

Once you’ve received the medical care that’s needed, these records will help with your claim.

4. Not Recording All Injuries and Costs Involved

It’s crucial to gather and keep a record of all documentation surrounding the event. In addition to the details required for any insurance claims made, these also include:

  • Medical bills for any injuries you’ve incurred
  • Wages lost due to time off work

Once more, a failure to keep any relevant information relating to the accident can have a negative bearing on your claim. You want to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation and even just a few missing details can prove costly in the end.

5. Filing Your Claim Late

For insurance claims, most companies have a stringent claim filing deadline. It’s always best that the claim is therefore made as soon as possible without any delay. Even just waiting a few days can add extra time to the finalization of the claim.

If the claiming process doesn’t get underway almost immediately, you may have to cover the cost of some of the damages yourself. However, a car accident lawyer can help expedite the process, managing all of the documents and ensuring your case gets presented clearly. That way, you can receive the professional help you need that:

  • Removes the burden resulting from yourself having to deal with any claims
  • Reduces the stress that comes with what can be a complicated ordeal

As we liaise with the insurance company, you’re putting your trust in well-respected lawyers that will always strive to ensure that you’re treated fairly. At Cook and Tolley, our lawyers have experience in dealing with car accident claims. So, you know your claims will always be in the right hands with us.

6. Failing to Contact the Authorities

It’s important to call the police immediately after the accident occurs. Then, you’re provided with the reports that are required to help with your claim, along with the rest of your car accident claim documents for an efficient progression of your case.

Speaking with the authorities is imperative, no matter what the level of damage done. If you’ve suffered an injury due to the crash, it’s necessary to inform them also, regardless of whether the harm caused is mild or severe. Never take the view that what you might consider a minor injury isn’t worth reporting as you’ll still be entitled to at least some amount of compensation.

Reports from the authorities can go a long way when proving that you weren’t the culprit in the collision. It’s a critical part in the claim filing process and is an integral part of building a solid case should you need to sue for personal injury.

7. Agreeing to the First Settlement

The other driver’s insurer will do all they can to try to lower the amount you’re due for your claim. Avoid this error – you’ve always got the opportunity to have your lawyer take the reigns over the situation.

While you may not be aware of the cost of the damages accrued, your car accident lawyer is always there to ensure that the incident is dealt with fairly. At Cook and Tolley, our lawyers are experienced in carrying out negotiations while communicating persuasively with the insurer.

The Trusted Attorneys That Will Help You Avoid Making Car Accident Claim Mistakes

Getting all the correct documentation in place for your claims can be a tedious process. But now you know some of the standard car accident claim mistakes that are often made and how to avoid them.

Remember, however, that it’s always in your best interest to seek the advice of a trusted attorney to assist you through the process.

If you’ve been in a car accident, we’re here for you. Contact us right away! We’re ready to ensure you’re compensated justly.

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