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How can I keep my teen safe behind the wheel in summer?

The summer is the deadliest time on the roads for teens in Georgia. It is related to the fact that they are not in school and have more freedom. Many teens hit the road for the first time in summer as well. They may also be more likely to drive around with friends during this time of the year. All of this adds up to more risks on the roads that you, as a parent, have to worry about. There are ways for you to keep your teen safe on the roads, though.

Drive Smart Georgia explains that you can set rules and limits for your teen driver to help avoid situations that could lead to an accident. Suggestions include limiting the number of passengers your child can have. The law only limits it the first six months a teen has his or her license, but you should extend that. You should also limit driving times. Encourage your teen to avoid driving during busy times or after dark when most accidents occur.

You can also give your teen more lessons on driving. If you feel your teen has bad habits, then work with him or her to change them. Drill good habits into your teen and make sure he or she listens when you explain why some habits are not safe. For example, make a rule about no cell phones when driving. Make your teen use the setting on his or her phone when driving that does not allow notifications to come through and sends a driving message to the sender of any text message. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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