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Is medical malpractice declining?

When you have to undergo medical care in Georgia, the last thing you ever suspect to happen is for your doctor to make some type of error. This happens, though, and it usually leads to medical malpractice cases. In fact, medical errors occur very often. Sometimes, though, they are not bad enough to cause injury, which means there is no case to take to court.

Recent figures, according to Forbes, suggest that there is a decline in the number of medical malpractice claims. Does that mean that doctors and nurses are making fewer errors?

Not necessarily. It would be nice for all medical error to go away, but the countless folks who contact Cook & Tolley, LLP, about malpractice show that there is a lot of medical error occurring.

The real reason for fewer claims may have nothing to do with the quality of the care. It may be the result of special interest laws that have been passed to reduce a person’s ability to get justice. It may be the realities of how long and expensive medical malpractice cases are. It may be people’s general unwillingness to pursue a claim against a healthcare professional.

Despite the fact that claims are on the decline, the statistics do show that the amount of damages awarded are actually on the rise. This means people who do take their cases to court and win are getting a fairer result than they have at some times in the past. Many juries seem more willing to give full compensation compared to a few years ago.

This information is for education only, and it does not constitute legal advice.

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