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Is a public board order a cause for concern?

When choosing a doctor, two of the most important factors are trust and competence. It is important that the doctor is someone you trust. It also is important that he or she is skilled in the advice or treatment they are giving you.

As you assess a doctor’s competence and whether you trust them, one tool can be looking the doctor up at the Georgia Composite Medical Board, which is the group that is in charge of doctors’ medical licenses. There, you can learn about the doctor’s background and training. Additionally, you can see whether there is a public board order on that doctor. Available to the public, these orders may include information on disciplinary action.

Most doctors do not have a discipline record. If your doctor does, read the board order. Consider the facts, the time that has passed, and the doctor’s response to the discipline. If you still have trust in the doctor and believe he or she is competent, great. If not, though, consider using a different doctor. There is no need to compromise or trust or competence.

If you believe that a doctor committed malpractice that harmed you or your loved one, reach out to us. We will investigate whether the doctor has a known history of similar behavior. Sometimes, a public board order shows that a doctor has a longstanding deficiency or a pattern or inadequate care. We want to know whether your situation fits that pattern.

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