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Holding healthcare professionals accountable for mistakes

We at Cook & Tolley, LLP, value very much the healthcare professionals in Georgia. When good care is given, it is a wonderful thing.

However, it is an unfortunate reality that some healthcare professionals – like all of us – sometimes fail to do what they should. Unfortunately, when a healthcare professional makes a mistake, it could lead to serious health consequences or even death.

Accountability is good for all of us in every profession. Healthcare is no exception. As honorable as it is to chose a profession of serving others, the fact remains that negligent or reckless conduct by healthcare providers individuals can harm you or your family in many ways. For example, if a doctor misdiagnoses a patient, that patient could die from a treatable, but deadly, disease. Or, if a nurse in a hospital doesn’t do regular rounds to check on patients who are recovering, those patients may suffer harm from negligence. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of medical malpractice in America to count.

medical malpractice lawsuit cannot restore full health after an incident, but it can help them recover financial compensation that can be used for further treatment or covering costs, if needed. These types of lawsuits are quite complicated, and it takes a skilled and experienced lawyer to hold negligent and reckless healthcare professionals accountable and recover financial compensation.

For more information about how our law firm attempts to help Georgia residents with these matters, please visit the medical malpractice overview section of our website. If you are concerned about the care you or your loved one received, please be in touch with us. We will do our best to help.

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