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High-speed Georgia crash claims the lives of two brothers

Because families so often travel in cars together, the same motor vehicle accident has the potential to claim the lives of more than one member of the same family. The community of Newnan, Georgia, has struggled to accept the news that two teenage brothers died recently in a high-speed, single-vehicle crash.

One of the brothers was 17 years old, while his brother was 16. The two attended Newnan High School, where they were well liked by classmates. On Sunday, the two brothers got into their vehicle and left the church where their father is a pastor. The 17-year-old was driving along Smokey Road, allegedly at a velocity that exceeded the speed limit. The car veered off the road when the driver lost control, striking two trees after going airborne.

The 17-year-old died two days after the crash at a nearby hospital as a result of brain injuries sustained in the crash. His family reports that he was an organ donor, expressing gratitude that his death will help save the lives of others in need. The 16-year-old succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident.

Authorities are attempting to determine whether a problem with the vehicle itself contributed to the crash. An investigation into the accident is ongoing at this time.

Classmates remember one brother as a surrogate big brother and the other as someone who always tried to cheer others up. It will take a lot to cheer up the residents of Newnan after this tragic accident, and those who have suffered loss or injury as the result of a car crash may find it helpful to contact an attorney.

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