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Important Steps Every Women Filing for Divorce Should Take

women filing for divorce

Did you know that on average 28 million people get divorced in the United States every year? Many women filing for divorce deal with uncertainty. It can be a difficult time especially if you are a mother.

Regardless of the situation, this will be a challenging moment. You need to prepare to navigate your divorce and find ways to ease the coming stress. Follow along for our expert advice on how to remain in control while getting a divorce.

Organize a Plan

Taking the first steps to a divorce one at a time is crucial. You need to organize your thoughts to make a plan of action. You should stop thinking about the past and accept the reality of your situation. Now is the best time to take control of your future.

Think about how you want your life to look and what you need to be able to move on. It’s always a good plan to arrange a divorce checklist for mothers that way everything is covered.

Pay Attention to Your Finances

It’s important to start thinking about your finances as separate from your spouse. You need to think about what accounts are purely yours or if they are jointly owned. Start gathering your financial records. Make sure you organize them in a secure location like a friend’s house or a safety deposit box.

You might want to start putting money aside for divorce attorney fees. It will put you at a disadvantage if your spouse can afford to pay these while you cannot. This can help tip the scale in your favor and reach a settlement you prefer.

While saving is important, make sure to continue to maintain the lifestyle you live. If you and your partner go out or travel often, continue to do those things. This can help if you are someone looking for spousal support after your separation.

Find a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer is the key to reducing the number of mistakes that happen. If you have children it is imperative that you find a lawyer to help develop a plan to protect them.

Having someone on your side to fight for your interests can help make things easier for you. The legal paperwork and daunting process should be taken care of by professionals.

Hiring the right lawyer will increase your likelihood of a positive outcome.

Open New Accounts

You should open up a checking and savings account so that you have access to your money when you need it. Depending on the state you can even withdraw up to half of your joint bank account funds.

If you don’t have credit or your spouse controls the finances, you should immediately apply for a credit card under your name. This can be a savior to you if your assets become frozen during the divorce. It’s also great to establish credit under your name for your future purchases.

Be Intentional

You have to try to have a positive outlook during this time. It can be easy to get depressed so practice healthy pastimes. Try to exercise and eat healthy to feel your best. Setting a routine is important for stability and is great for relieving stress. Make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in hard situations or ones that could be risky to you.

If you need to meet with your spouse, try to do it in a place you feel safe. Communicating over text or email can be a good way to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Update Your Information

If you are filing for divorce, you likely do not want your spouse to make any more decisions for you including the important ones. This is the time to change all your information and remove your spouse from your accounts.

You should notify your insurance, and change all beneficiaries on life insurance policies. This is scary to think about but very crucial for your safety. Many insurance companies will most likely require a signature of consent from both parties. Make sure to alert your insurance and plan accordingly.

Your next step is updating your will assets. In the unlikely event that you pass away, you do not want your spouse to inherit your assets. You should also update medical directives to make sure that your spouse cannot make any medical decisions on your behalf.

Limit Social Media

People usually post to social media right away to share the news of their separation. This is not recommended. Any information you upload to social media can be used against you. This can impact your divorce outcome.

When you do decide to share, make sure that you are intentional about intimate details. You should ideally share as little as possible. It’s best to plan what you say to make sure things go smoothly with your loved ones and mutual friends.

Start a Journal

Starting a journal can be a great replacement for when you miss social media. This is good for mental health and a way to pass time. Documenting details during the divorce can prove to be useful during the trial. It can be hard to remember the specific details over time and this is helpful to make sure that you share your story.

Tips & Tricks: Women Filing for Divorce

These hard changes can make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Here are a few tips and tricks to think about:

1. Stay Organized- This can save you so much time with your lawyers and court process. It’s important to keep your documents in one place and filed under the right category.

2. Keep a Divorce Calendar- You will have many different appointments you won’t want to miss or show up late to. This can help you keep track of them all in one place. Design your own calendar to fit your style.

3. Don’t Look Back- You have done the hard part. You have decided that you want more and you want to be in control. Focus on building the future that you envision and try not to think about the past or what could have been.

Steps to Follow

There is no foolproof blueprint to divorce. However, if you follow these steps you will start on the right foot.

1. Organize Plan
2. Pay Attention to Your Finances
3. Find a Divorce Lawyer
4. Open New Accounts
5. Be Intentional
6. Update Your Information
7. Limit Social Media
8. Start a Journal

If you are looking for more information about women filing for divorce, schedule a consultation today.

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