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What should I know about Georgia gun laws?

As a gun owner in Georgia, it’s crucial to remain fully compliant with all pertinent laws. Not only will this ensure you’re safe, it will also prevent you from receiving a firearms charge, which can entail jail time as well as other penalties and fines. To make certain you’re in compliance, offers the following advice.

It’s lawful to keep a firearm on your property without a license. In this situation, property is defined as your place of residence, your business, and your vehicle. It’s also lawful to carry a firearm for the purposes of hunting provided you have a valid hunting license in place. However, if you wish to carry a firearm on your person outside of your property, you’ll need to apply for the appropriate license at your county probate court.

Failure to follow applicable firearm laws could lead to misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the indiscretion. Misdemeanor offenses include failure to have the appropriate license for carrying the firearm, firing the weapon within 50 yards of a public street or highway, and using a firearm while under the influence. Also, you’re not permitted to discharge a weapon on another person’s property without their prior approval, and you’re not permitted to aim your weapon at another person without legal justification.

Felony firearm offenses include counterfeiting or altering a license for carry, which is accompanied by a prison term ranging from one to five years. With very few exceptions, it’s also not permissible to give a weapon to a minor. Lastly, firearm dealers are only allowed to sell weapons to the actual buyer, and it’s illegal to ask the dealer to provide the weapon to another party.

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